Meet the Founder Who’s Taking Street Food to the ‘Burbs


As an undergraduate at Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Camille Baker noticed three things that would inspire her to start a business. The first: Using social media, her fellow students would sell home-cooked soul food out of their apartments on weekends–barbecue dinners with greens, baked beans, and mac and cheese, plus drinks. The second: Stadium food vendors raked in cash during football games, only to disappear when the season ended. And, finally, when Baker returned to her parents’ home in the Orlando suburbs after graduation, she found the dining options disappointing–dull chains and expensive steakhouses. She missed the variety of cuisines she’d enjoyed at college. “I was like, ‘I wish there was something–an app, another app–where it’s more affordable, more convenient, and it’s the food that I actually like,” she says.