Wyntroduction to Code: Learn coding in a day Aug. 20


Wyncode Academy, Florida’s first bricks and mortar coding bootcamp teaching computer programming in ten weeks, is hosting Wyntroduction to Code: a 1 day bootcamp aimed at those who are interested in coding, but may feel intimidated or are unsure of how to begin learning. The goal of Wyntroduction is to reduce those apprehensions, and introduce attendees to programming in a fun, interactive and engaging way. The day-long workshop consists of mini-lectures interlaced with numerous hands-on practice exercises that attendees complete solo or in pairs. The day culminates with students being guided through the process of developing a simple game that might have seemed impossible before, followed by closing notes on how they can continue their learning in the field.

“We’re excited to host Wyntroduction for the South Florida community. Our technical team designed a low friction approach to getting a real taste for coding in just one day,” Wyncode co-founder Juha Mikkola said. “After a successful test run at the Ancient City Ruby conference hosted by HashRocket, one of the top app development companies in the world, we’re ready to open Wyntroduction to select attendees with a desire to learn more about coding. The demand for coders is ever increasing and it’s a skill set that anyone with a strong work ethic and determination can learn. That said, it can be really hard to know where to begin and this one day bootcamp is designed to fix that problem.”