With Jeff Vinik’s blessing, Dreamit accelerator urges best urban tech startups to step up


What are the most pressing problems re-emerging urban downtowns like Tampa must overcome to blossom into a place people, businesses and investors will want to pour their hearts and money into?

Established startup companies with innovative solutions to that question: We Want You.

That, in a nutshell, was the pitch delivered Wednesday evening to about 100 entrepreneurs and urban enthusiasts by Dreamit Ventures managing director Andrew Ackerman at The Attic bar inside the Tampa Bay WaVE incubator building in downtown Tampa. Acknowledging his first visit to Tampa, Ackerman said he’s spearheading a new “urban technology” accelerator program starting in September in Tampa. The program aims to pluck eight to ten of the most innovative startups (those with some track record and customers already) for an intense Dreamit-run program to prep these businesses for growth.