Why this Orlando tech firm may move to Silicon Valley


Orlando entrepreneur Darren Wendroff has created essentially an Uber-like service for caregivers, and while it has gained some popularity throughout Florida by helping more than 700 families find caregivers, getting funding for he company hasn’t been so successful.

However, that problem will be solved thanks to his company — CareSpotter — being accepted into a major accelerator program with a focus on taking a company to international status. Wendroff said he was accepted into Village Capital, an accelerator based in Washington, D.C., on Aug. 31. That’s a pretty impressive feat, considering that nearly 600 applications were reviewed, and CareSpotter was one of the 10 accepted.

The three-month program, which will have workshops in Washington, D.C., and California’s Silicon Valley tech hub, will begin Oct. 1, and it’s known to have impressive impact when it comes to coaching startups. According to Village Capital’s website, the program has invested in 51 early-stage companies since its start in 2009. Those companies, through the guidance of mentors and investors with Village Capital, have raised nearly $48 million in additional venture capital, generated $12 million in revenue and created nearly 6,000 jobs. Wendroff may be among the companies that gains that kind of success — the kind he wasn’t finding in Orlando.