Why this former EA leader created a sports technology app


Mike Taramykin is one developer who always seems to find an extra life in the gaming industry.

After starting his game studio Hypnotix Inc. in the 1990s and later selling it to video game giant Electronic Art Inc. (Nasdaq: EA), Taramykin worked for EA for eight years as a vice president and general manager for the company’s subsidiary EA Tiburon in Orlando. He later took a vice president position with mobile gaming studio Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA), but was laid off in 2015 when the company closed its Orlando office. A few days after he was laid off, Taramykin struck a deal with fantasy sports company FanDuel to hire nearly all of the Orlando workers laid off from Zynga and he accepted an executive vice president role. Within a year, the team was laid off again.