Why Shahier Rahman left Orlando’s tech scene for ‘the major leagues’ of


With a switch from law to tech, Rahman’s background is an example of how many find their way into the D.C. tech scene — from an international relations background.

Rahman, 28, spent more than three years working at the Florida Senate after he got his degree in international relations (IR) and law from Florida State University. Then he pivoted to tech: he helped launch an incubator in Orlando called Canvs. A year ago, Rahman moved to Bethesda to manage the campus for 15th Street-based incubator 1776, which has also made several executive-level hires in the past few months as it announced its expansion to Brooklyn and Dubai.

In his Entrance Exam, below, Rahman talked to us about why so many IR majors are converting to D.C.’s tech scene, the differences between the tech communities in Orlando and D.C. and where to find him performing his secret talent.