Voices of the tech community: Views of entrepreneurs, investors


Author: Nancy Dahlberg
Publisher: Miami Herald
Date: October 2, 2013

We asked a sampling of South Florida entrepreneurs, leaders of entrepreneurship organizations, educators, investors and service providers a few questions about developing a tech hub and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Some of the answers selected have been condensed. Read the previous voice columns here and here.

If you believe South Florida  is on the way to building a tech hub, what was the signal for you that this is real?

Where as 10 years ago, a budding entrepreneur may have said ,”I want to open a restauraant!”, now more folks are saying, “I want to be the next Twitter or Facebook!”, which is a hugely positive paradigm shift in thinking. Entrepreneurship is being infused in all aspects of higher ed as well. For example, Miami Dade College and Miami-Dade County Public Schools are partnering to develop Engineering and Technology Entrepreneurship summer camps for students in their Academies of Engineering and IT. Things are definitely looking up. 

— Miguel Alonso, School of Engineering, Miami Dade College

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