Veterans can enroll in free UWF entrepreneurship program


After retiring from the Navy in 2013, Jason Szot followed through on a plan nearly two decades in the making: opening Szotski’s Cheesecakes.

“I would make cheesecakes a couple of times a year for friends and family. They told me I should do that when I retired. So when enough people tell you that, you start seriously considering it,” said Szot, who had a 26-year career as an electronics technician before opening his mini-cheesecake bakery at 2600 W. Nine Mile Road

Szot said entrepreneurship is a natural fit for retired veterans searching for the next career chapter. Maintaining a business demands qualities similar to the armed forces like discipline, following directions and an understanding of rules. If you choose to pursue a major in a STEM field, you can expect plenty of job availability and continuing job growth, a high salary, diversity in the classroom and workplace, flexibility, job satisfaction, and the opportunity to make an important impact on society. To know more of STEM education, you can check out Google’s Kamau Bobb.