Trigaux: As Iron Yard coding school exits, LaunchCode arrives to spur tech opportunity


It’s just a coincidence of timing.

As the for-profit Iron Yard coding camp closes its doors in St. Petersburg this October, a non-profit coding school based on a different business model will open in Tampa. But the hope of the tech and greater business community is the same — that the arrival of the non-profit LaunchCode can deliver a supply of program grads with software coding skills that can start making a dent in the demand for such work.

Matt Mawhinney, who helped establish a LaunchCode program nearly two years ago in Miami, was in Tampa Bay on Monday to attend a technology job fair. In an interview, he said he is part of the advance team to ready the first LaunchCode “101” coding course that will start Oct. 17 in Tampa. A full-time person will be hired in Tampa this fall to help manage LaunchCode’s local efforts.