This startup wants to End Bad Hair. Forever.


Author: Nancy Dahlberg
Publisher: Miami Herald
Date: May 9, 2014

Hair Construction, part of the first accelerator class at Venture Hive, is a Miami-based startup with a global team (40 stylists from 10+ countries) that is leading the transition toward online education and online product purchasing for the hair industry.

Along the way, Hair Construction hopes to shake up the huge, sleepy hair industry by introducing technology that provides Style-Discovery Apps to salon clients, along with video recipes and blueprint instructions to hairdressers. E-commerce has yet to transform the hair industry as it has others, but Hair Construction will soon fold product purchasing into its mobile offerings to lead that transition, in a model similar to Amazon Prime.

Cory Hoffart of Hair Construction says: “We at Hair Construction are on a mission to End Bad Hair. Forever. We are doing this by creating a Stylez App, with which everyone can find styles they love, with accompanying how-to videos and text instructions for their stylists to reference. This ensures they get the exact styles they asked for. Read more here.