This Delray Beach firm got the most from beta-testing its app using this one clever trick


When a South Florida tech executive devised the beta testing of his company’s new app as a “science project,” he didn’t figure it would be his firm that would end up a proverbial guinea pig in the exercise. Yet that’s exactly what happened to Delray Beach-based Prempoint, an early-stage company that’s developing a way for property managers to grant contractors access to apartments.

Prempoint is currently exhibiting at TechCrunch Disrupt, an annual San Francisco convention that’s arguably the largest and most important event in the United States for nascent high-tech firms. In San Francisco, the company expects to garner some attention for its offering, build relationships and get some feedback, company co-founder and CEO Matthew Hartley told the South Florida Business Journal before traveling cross-country.

Hartley is pitching his company’s technology in the Bay Area as a cost-and time-saving solution for property managers, who would be able to grant secure access to building, plumbing and electrical, contractors without needing to physically travel and open apartment doors for them. A video shot by the company shows how it would work: the property manager creates a “point” in the app that authorizes only a specific plumbing contractor the ability to open a Bluetooth lock miles away. When the plumber receives the “point,” she can open the door on the unit by placing her phone near the lock. The app then sends the property manager information about the event, allowing him to know the plumbing issue in that apartment is being addressed.