These projects may give glimpse at future of Osceola’s tech campus


The land surrounding Osceola County’s future 100,000-square-foot high-tech facility is currently grass and dirt as far as the eye can see. But in a few years, that area could be a booming with business — at least that’s what happened at other similar developments around the world.

Osceola officials are working to transform the county into a tech mecca filled with job opportunities and advancements in smart sensors with the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center and its future tech campus, all of which will be built on a 500-acre property called Judge Farms.

We can only guess how the end result will look based on how other similar projects have turned out. In fact, the Florida Advanced Manufacturing Research Center is modeled after the Austin, Texas-based semiconductor consortium called SEMATECH, and the overall tech campus proposed for Osceola follows a tech region in the Netherlands called Brainport.