Steve Repetti: South Florida Startups Want “The Next Big Thing” To Stay Local


Author: Camila Souza
Publisher: Tech Cocktail
Date: August 20, 2014

Steve Repetti has been an active investor in various area codes, but he is now based in both Fort Lauderdale and Nashville. Repetti is the CEO, RadWebTechnologies, co-founder of CrunchFire Venture, as well as a member of New World Angels and Miami Innovation Fund.

Repetti has also been active in trying to bridge the gap between South Florida’s regions: the north that includes West Palm Beach and Boca Ration, and the south that that includes Miami.

What do you look for when making the decision to invest? What is your process like?

Depends on whether it is a passive investment or active investment.  With a passive investment: team, opportunity, resource requirements, risk/reward benefit, in that order.  With active investment: opportunity is the most important thing.  Is the market potential big, its impact strong, its competitive differentiation compelling? Everything else come after that. Read more here.