SpaceX, Boeing set new dates for capsule tests, astronaut launches


    Rival companies SpaceX Corp. and Boeing Co. are tweaking their test launch and manned launch dates for their respective capsules that will put the U.S. in the spotlight as a country to send humans to space.

    Hawthorne, Calif.-based rocket company SpaceX is targeting November for its space capsule Crew Dragon’s unmanned demonstration mission, titled Demo-1. The company, owned by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, originally planned to shoot the capsule to space in August. But the ambitious timeline was not met in order to make sure everything on the capsule is in shape for the test flight.

    “Safely and reliably flying commercial crew missions for NASA remains the highest priority for SpaceX,” said Benji Reed, director of crew mission management at SpaceX, in a press release. “We look forward to launching Crew Dragon — designed to be one of the safest, most-advanced human spaceflight systems ever built.”