Simulation sickness, fintech popularity and more: Little-known facts about local tech firms


    When Luke DeVore mentioned that his workplace sometimes looks like a scene out of the TV crime drama Dexter, it raised a few eyebrows. Thankfully, he was talking about simulation motion sickness rather than anything gory.

    “When you are using a VR system, there is still a lot of discomfort associated with that, including some vomiting,” said DeVore, vice president of business development for Orlando-based Design Interactive, when asked for a little-known fact about the company. “We have lab spaces where we do a lot of research, and one of the areas where we do research better than most is related to simulated sickness or cyber sickness.”

    And that’s just one small fact about a local tech firm in Orlando. During Orlando Business Journal‘s technology industry outlook on July 9, we heard from nearly a dozen leaders about a new or interesting fact.