SIME conference opens a packed Innovate MIA for tech community


Author: Nancy Dahlberg
Publisher: Miami Herald
Date: December 3, 2013

It’s not all about the celebration of art this week: There will be plenty of toasts to tech as well.

SIME MIA, a two-day European conference coming to the United States for the first time, opens Tuesday at the New World Center. Demian Bellumio, CTO of Senzari and one of the main local organizers, said what SIME will be is intimate, interactive and thought-provoking. What it won’t be is boring.

Ola Ahlvarsson, founder and host of SIME, has gathered more than 40 speakers from around the world to share their knowledge and spark conversations, including Neil Jacobstein, co-chair of artificial intelligence and robotics at Singularity University in the NASA research Park in Mountain View, Calif.; Pablos Holman, hacker, futurist and inventor at Intellectual Ventures Laboratory; Shel Israel, author and speaker on social media issues; screenwriter and producer Tim Kring; and Christian Hernandez, partner at White Star Capital. There will be plenty of interesting conversations about the future of mobility, big data and digital music, a session on “management by rock ’n’ roll,” yoga, digital campfires, the unveiling of a David Datuna work of art experienced through Google Glass and a few “surprises” for the nearly 600 people registered. Read more here.