Ryan Martin: Spirit of Gainesville nominee


Author: Alexander Pemba
Publisher: Gainesville Sun
Date: September 9, 2013

In looking for the Spirit of Gainesville in Entrepreneurship, look no further than Gainesville’s “Most Eligible Bachelor”, the CEO and founder of Florida Sustainables, Ryan Martin.

Ryan started Florida Sustainables (www.facebook.com/floridasustainables) after inventing a new family of green plastics while a Ph.D. student in organic chemistry at UF, and also while studying intellectual property law. Florida Sustainables is an award-winning entity on the cutting edge of green materials, innovating plastics that have the same useful properties as fossil fuel-based plastics, though made from sustainable, renewable sources and degrading safely in the environment orders of magnitude faster than the fossil fuel counterparts we are used to. Ryan is passionate about mitigating the plastic debris crisis around the world, especially in marine environments.

For their innovations, Florida Sustainables has garnered considerable attention, including, among other things, being awarded a World Economic Forum Young Scientist/Entrepreneur Award, Florida Newsmaker of the Year for Science/Innovation, The Cade Prize for Innovation, and Florida High Tech Magazine “Face of Technology.” This year, Ryan was named a Distinguished Lecturer at Roger Williams University, an honor previously earned by world-renowned chemist and Nobel Prize winner Roald Hoffmann. Read more here.