Rokk3r Fuel ExO venture capital firm invests $500,000 in Eyrus


    Rokk3r Fuel ExO has invested $500,000 in construction technology company Eyrus. The bridge fundraising round brings Eyrus’ total funding to date to more than $3 million, and grows the Rokk3r Fuel portfolio to a total of seven companies.

    Founded in 2015 in Washington, D.C., Eyrus set out to address obstacles that have historically prevented construction projects to progress efficiently and within scheduled timeframes, from gaps in communication among contractors and subcontractors to process reporting delays. The Eyrus platform, conceptualized by co-founders experienced in engineering, construction and architecture, provides workforce intelligence through on-site trade resource data and project analytics in real time. To date, Eyrus has delivered its partners more than $25 million in cost savings, in addition to collectively sparing over 80,000 management hours.