Ralph Conti: Gainesville is on an impressive economic path


    There are many positive terms that can be used to describe the Gainesville area these days and justifiably so, given the consistent upward economic path and the new development renaissance in progress. The area is driven by a strong, knowledge-based economy, which is supported by a highly educated talent pool with an entrepreneurial spirit and loyalty to the area.

    The market has a steadily growing private sector combined with a highly collaborative public/private sector with an eye on innovation. It all revolves around research, technology, health care, retail and more.

    Additionally, this is an area where people want to live and raise families, so it’s not surprising that the region’s economy and job market are healthy and on the rise. Gainesville has surely captured the attention of many in U.S., and the global investment community is also paying close attention to what is happening. We have seen, firsthand, the impact that this level of investment is having in the region.