R.I.P. “Florida Angel Nexus”, “FAN”, “NEXUS”, and “FAN Fund”


Here’s some history – abbreviated and I’m sure missing some facts and drama!  It all started in 2013 when Michael O’Donnell and Blaire Martinformed an angel investment group in Orlando, called Florida Angel Nexus, or FAN.  The group expanded, formingchapters in Tallahassee, Ocala, and Palm Beach. The group was instrumental in coalescing accredited investors together in these communities and investing in startups.  FANmorphed over the years into a non-profit and added on support activities for other early-stage investment groups in Florida, and, along the way, shortened its name to Nexus. In 2018, Nexus, facing business model and financial challenges with shrinking state and university support, was acquired by Florida Funders. In 2015, Michael, along with FAN members Ben PatzMitch Laskey, and Kathy Chiu, created a committed capital fund in Orlando they called FAN Investors Fund Ior FAN Fund. They raised $7M and deployed this capital into early-stage companies throughout Florida.  As it turns out their management entity is called DeepWork Capital and last month they decided to retire the FAN Fund name and rebrand as DeepWork Capital. So “Florida Angel Nexus”, “FAN”, “Nexus”, and “FAN Fund”are all gone – but their legacy lives on.