Quantum Technology Sciences Closes $4.4M Series A Round


Quantum Technology Sciences, a Cocoa Beach security and surveillance technology company, announced closing on a $4.4 million series-A funding round from Bud Brigham, founder of Brigham Exploration and chief executive officer of the Austin-based Anthem Ventures,  Jim Farnsworth, Cobalt Energy, and Infinity Oil & Gas and Texas-based investment firm the McNair Group. The Company had previously announced securing an initial $2.3M of this investment. This funding round will support technology commercialization and the initial product platform’s market launch. Quantum Technology Sciences designs and sells in-ground security solutions to safeguard highly valued assets, critical infrastructure, borders, and perimeters. Founded in 1991, Quantum is the first security and surveillance company to maintain an awareness perimeter where threats in the air, water and land are detected, tracked, and classified in real-time. The company’s product line combines patent-pending, buried, vibration sensors with a sophisticated suite of proprietary detection and classification algorithms that offers significantly greater detection range than is currently available on the market. “It is highly validating to have such an impressive group of business and oil and gas professionals see the potential of not only our technology, but our company,” says Mark Tinker, chief executive officer at Quantum. “Quantum’s cutting edge technology is extremely impressive and addresses the pressing demand for domestic and international energy infrastructure security,” Brigham said. Read more here.