Orlando Tech Association Joins Orlando’s Main Street Program


Author: Orlando Tech Association
Publisher: Orlando Tech Association
Date: April 10, 2014

Today Mayor Dyer announced the expansion of the City’s Main Street program with the addition of a digital main street. The new organization is the evolution of one of Orlando’s unifying tech events, Orlando Tech Meetup, which began the shift to the formal organization referred to as Orlando Tech Association several months ago. Orlando Tech Association, or Orlando Tech for short, is a non-profit community organization with the goal of empowering the tech community with events, tools, and resources designed to support growth.

The Orlando Tech digital main street will not be neighborhood-specific. Its activities will cover the entire Metro Orlando area. However, the mission and activities of the digital main street will be very similar to those of the formal Main Street Districts. The focus of the association will be on promoting the tech community, creating an environment and providing resources where technology companies in the area can be successful, enabling members of the tech community to network and support each other, and helping Orlando as a city become more tech-focused.

“As a government and a community, we owe it to these entrepreneurs to nurture their passion for our city and their vision for our future,” said Mayor Dyer in his State of the City address. Read more here.