Nurturing a tech future: Voices of the community


In conjunction with my report marking the progress and challenges of efforts to build a tech hub, I gathered opinions from some of the leaders in the community. This week, I will run a sampling of the views expressed. What’s your view? Please feel free to comment on this post or email me at

Today’s question: In the past year, where have you seen the most success in building an ecosystem?

“We’re seeing more and more top-notch, high-profile people deciding to either stay or relocate to launch their next big thing in Miami. Folks like Jim McKelvey, David Koretz and Miami-natives like Natalia Martinez or Juan Calle are a few examples. Having mega talented folks build here is a key component in propelling everything forward.” – Nico Berardi, AGP

“Through my work at Endeavor I’ve found that world class mentors are available and really committed to helping entrepreneurs succeed. I’ve also seen the companies we support and some of the ones that are in our pipeline continue to grow and being able to attract good talent (although this last piece is still developing, it’s on good track). Finally, it’s great to have different stakeholders active in the ecosystem and it’s great to see different players grow : co-working spaces /  accelerators that commit to Miami.” – Laura Maydon