Northeast Florida emerges as a market for startups, venture capitalists


To entrepreneurs in need of money to push their startups out to the market, it can seem that there is a dearth of such funding available in Northeast Florida.

And while the area is certainly not awash with venture capital, things are picking up, according to Jim Stallings, managing partner at PS27 Ventures.

“We’re seeing more entrepreneurial activity in Jacksonville, even every quarter or six months as opposed to where we were at in February 2013, when we began PS27,” said Stallings, a former IBM executive who has invested in and helped launch several startups in town, including Naturally Smart desserts and Menuat, a digital pricing board for retail outlets. “More angel investors are getting interested in what’s going on here. … So it’s a nice uptick and it’s good to see. We’re still no Silicon Valley, but it’s a positive trend.”