Most tech employees would leave state for better job, survey shows


Nearly 60 percent of tech employees would consider moving out of state because of a limited job market, an annual survey of more than 1,300 tech professionals in South Florida revealed.

At the same time, about half of the 138 tech managers that responded to the survey cite turnover as a chief concern and about 45 percent of them plan to invest more in employee training and retention programs.

The 2017 South Florida Tech Leadership and Workforce surveys released by South Florida IT search and staffing firm Protech revealed additional insights. The primary reasons cited by employers for losing staff are compensation (50 percent; down from 73 percent) followed by “lack of career path” (50 percent). Yet, 91 percent of tech employees said they would leave their current employer for a better opportunity, with compensation cited as the top reason by 45 percent, followed by “lack of career path” and “work-life balance.”