More women get jobs in video-game industry, but gender gap persists


Author: Richard Burnett
Publisher: Orlando Sentinel
Date: August 23, 2014

With computer clicks and keystrokes, Carmela DeNero can put the spiral into a Peyton Manningpass, the speed into Adrian Peterson’s touchdown run and the roar into a stadium crowd.

An associate producer with EA Sports’ Maitland studio, she is working on the mobile version of the popular “Madden NFL” video game. She’s one of just a few women in game development at the Maitland operation — a role she says she has navigated carefully but successfully.

“There are definitely a lot more men here, but that never feels odd or intimidating,” DeNero said. “There are some tremendously talented women here, scattered about the studio. It’s easy to get to know all of them because it’s a pretty small club.” Read more here.