Miami startup succeeds on wild premise: Selling ice to an eskimo


A Miami startup is cleaning up on crowdfunding site Kickstarter by promising, at least figuratively, to do the impossible.

Tudor Ice Co., which plans to sell individually packaged ice cubes to bars and restaurants for 50 cents a pop, has raised over $20,400 since its campaign on the popular site launched Monday. That exceeds a goal of $20,000 in little over 24 hours. Notably for the quirky business, the funding is mostly coming from three folks who want to back a corporate marketing stunt: literally selling ice to an eskimo.

You see, Kickstarter allows companies to provide rewards to backers who pledge money to a project. Usually, that means funding an idea will get you a certain amount of finished product. Tudor Ice is going that route, offering a package of 48 fancy ice cubes to donors who pledge $50, for example. But the company is also offering a most-expenses-paid “sell ice to eskimos trip” as a reward to those who pledge $5,000. Those who come on the trip will get to follow Tudor Ice to Fairbanks, Alaska as the company tries to sell its product to locals there.