Manager of Florida Technology Seed Capital Fund Selected

    Notice of Selection of Firm for Contract Negotiations:  
    The Board of Directors of the Institute for Commercialization of Florida Technology (the Institute) has selected Florida Funders as the firm with which to enter into contract negotiations to serve as the Private Fund Manager (PFM). The PFM will act on behalf of the Institute for certain investment-related purposes, to manage the Institute’s portfolio of funded companies consistent with the best interests of the State and the Institute’s mission to create a vibrant, innovation-based economy in Florida.
    Notice to Award the Contract: 
    To Be Determined
    Term of Agreement:
    The initial agreement term with the selected Firm(s) will be for a three (3) year period. The Institute will have the sole option to renew such agreement for additional one (1) year to three (3) year periods upon satisfactory performance by the Firm.  The Institute may terminate the agreement for any of the reasons outlined in the RFP.