How to bootstrap your tech startup’s education for free


Author: Abrham Aboraya
Publisher: Orlando Buisness Journal
Date: February 26, 2014

Dan McGaw isn’t involved with Starter Studio anymore — but he’s still involved in mentoring high-tech startups.

McGaw in January went live with the Bootstrap Academy. The idea is to curate and create videos about how to start a tech business, everything from technical help to marketing, financing and how to be an effective leader.

The content will come from online, as well as original videos, and originally was planned as a component of Starter Studio, McGraw’s former venture. Once the video library is built out, McGaw said Bootstrap Academy will build a curriculum with paths for educating. “If it all becomes successful, it might be an in-person school,” McGaw said, although that would be a long-term goal. Read more here.