How this 3-decade-old pest control firm plans to stay relevant in today’s high-tech world


It’s been a banner year for Massey Services Inc. — and the company’s founder plans to keep that momentum going.

Orlando-based Massey Services is the fifth largest pest prevention firm in the industry, the largest family-owned one of its kind and one of the largest based on revenue and employment in Central Florida. The company racked up 2017 revenue of $233.4 million, and is celebrating its 34th consecutive year of growth by planning for more — including expanded penetration in Texas, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Massey Services moved into today’s high-tech age in a big way in February, partnering with the organization, Bridg, which manages a microelectronics facility in Osceola County. Through the agreement, Massey Services will be able to co-develop products using the smart-sensor plant, offering the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge technology potentially to detect pests inside customers’ homes and immediately contact Massey Services to schedule service.