Hey, Y Combinator: Stop Hating On #MiamiTech


Author: Camila Souza
Publisher: Tech Cocktail
Date: April 3, 2014

First it was Miami Beach Mayor Levine telling the Washington Post earlier this year that the idea of turning Miami Beach into a tech hub was “the dumbest idea in the world.” This sparked an outrage amongst the community like never seen before, both from tech leaders and those dying to ride the media bandwagon, to respond with dismay.

This week, a comment from a Silicon Valley investor whose company funded DropBox, AirBnB and Reddit, Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, triggered a soul-searching discussion amongst the community. He recently visited Miami for The Atlantic’s Start-Up City: Miami. In a recent interview with WLRN, Altman said the reason none of the Y Combinator-funded startups are from South Florida was because, “I think you can say that it is not usually listed as one of the top startups cities,” he explains.

A Facebook update from Stonly Baptiste, Urban.us cofounder, featuring the WRLN started a discussion. Read more here.