GPS trackers, remote shut-offs: Miami Beach war against rogue scooters goes high-tech


    After a rowdy 2018 Spring Break, Miami Beach banned motorized scooter rentals for the month of March — a time of year when thousands of young people flood the island.

    Miami Beach police gave out over 450 tickets to scooter drivers that month, more than double the number of citations in the first two months of the year combined. Citing public safety concerns, the City Commission voted last May to prohibit rentals during one of the busiest times for tourism.

    But some city commissioners are now reconsidering the ban. Instead, they’ve proposed new rules that would require rental shops to equip motorized scooters, mopeds and motorized bicycles with GPS tracking devices and set up a 24/7 hotline for police and code compliance officers to report misbehaving scooter drivers. Scooter shops would have to show their phone number on the vehicles, which are already required to display the name of the rental shop and an ID number.