Florida Inventors Hall of Fame 2016 inductees include 2 from C. Fla.


Jacqueline Quinn, an environmental engineer at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, and the University of Central Florida’s M.J. Soileau are among the seven inventors announced March 15 as the 2016 inductees of the Florida Inventors Hall of Fame.

The year’s class of inductees also includes Nobel Laureate Andrew SchallyWilliam Dalton, for his revolutionizing developments in cancer treatment; Yogi Goswami, for his pioneering contributions and technology development related to solar energy and indoor air quality; Alan Marshall, inventor of Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance mass spectrometry; and Nicholas Muzyczkafor his pivotal invention of the “granddaddy patent” for recombinant adeno associated virus (rAAV) vectors.