A celebrity endorsement for Miami tech by … Pitbull


Author: Nancy Dahlberg
Publisher: Miami Herald
Date: November 12, 2013

The South Florida tech community reaped an unusual endorsement: from Pitbull.

“Count me in,” he told a group of young leaders gathered for a breakfast event Tuesday to talk about supporting eMerge Americas, the technology conference Manny Medina and his team are bringing to Miami next May. “I told Manny I am in 150 percent, whatever I can do. I love to see things happen from the ground up and building it in Miami is very special,” added Pitbull, who shared his story and his love of Miami and couldn’t resist a silicon-silicone joke. (You can guess how that one went.)

Before and after the rapper popped in, the eMerge team told the group about some of the highlights of the conference, including eMerge Innovate, which will include a competition of the best and the brightest startups, a mayoral summit and presentations by leading-edge technologists from around the world. Many of the largest tech enterprise companies have signed on as partners, as well as accelerators and governments. Xavier Gonzalez, executive director of eMerge, said it will also be an opportunity to showcase the energy in the city and will be a lot of fun. Read more here.