A $400 million Silicon Valley fund is bringing a major program to Miami


    When $400 million Silicon Valley investment fund 500 Startups arrived in Miami this spring to establish its new East Coast office, the move was hailed as another step in Miami’s ongoing transformation into a 21st-century economy.

    Since then, the fund, led by Ana Gonzalez, a former director at one of Mexico’s largest venture funds, has held a number of different programs out of its downtown Miami space at mindwarehouse designed to boost Miami-based startups.

    Now, the fund is bringing one of its highest-profile initiatives to Miami: “The Road To Series A,” a 10-week program designed to help high-growth tech startups achieve steadier growth. A “Series A” is an investment that the tech world regards as one showing a company is no longer in startup mode, but rather has a mostly stable business model. “The Road” program has previously been held in Los Angeles, London, and Tel Aviv.