4 ways Orlando can boost its tech community


Orlando may have the largest tech meetup events in the Southeast, but the community still isn’t widely recognized for its tech innovation. In fact, there’s still much work to be done to improve our tech cred, say area business leaders.

The first thing to do is build bridges beyond Orlando, said Kunal Patel, a leader in the startup community who co-founded and directs a large video game development meetup called Indinomicon and co-founded video game studio Phyken Media. “Over the past three years, we’ve all gotten to know each other and we’re all friends now, but it’s time we start venturing out to other cities so there’s a bridge built. That’s going to help create more business focus onto our area,” said Patel during an Orlando Tech Association town hall meeting on Jan. 20. “A lot of people I talk to say they do most of their business outside of Orlando or Florida, and a lot of times when I travel to other cities, they do not think of Orlando as a tech place at all — they don’t even think about doing business in Orlando.”